Marian Tomblin

Florida history with a spoonful of mystery


The Mystery at Hotel Ormond


  Fourteen year old Elizabeth Brooks thinks she is doing her grandmother a favor when she drags a portrait and a box of books down from the sweltering attic at Sun Patch Cottage.  She's actually reopened up a tragic chapter in her family's history.

What happened in 1927 to Great Aunt Nora?

And why didn't anyone want to talk about it?

Nora Devany's journal chronicled life in the 1920's when Ormond Beach was known as the "Millionaire's Colony."  The diary ends abruptly when Nora dies a victim of a bungled burglary.

Were the thief's last words a clue to where he hid the stolen jewels? If so, for whom?

And where can Elizabeth search for them? 

The hotel was torn down in 1992!

 Adapted for the stage by Reid Conrad (Seabreeze High) in 2005, "Mystery" has been enjoyed by hundreds of historians of all ages! 

Teaching Guide available.

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