Marian Tomblin

Florida history with a spoonful of mystery


Manatee Moon


Story Overview:

Townspeople in Ormond Beach wanted nothing to do with Indian Point Park - the place was considered sinister - "Cursed!" locals whispered as they crossed to the other side of the street. Stories of shadowy movements, windy whisperings, and laughter cut suddenly short kept the place empty after dark. That was one of the reasons 14 year-old Lori Sweeney loved it so: People avoided her, too.

Lori discovers a mysterious portal at Indian Point, a doorway into the underwater world.

Lori has three days to search for her missing parents or she risks being trapped until the next Manatee Moon.

Written to educate readers about the dangers manatees face in the wild, Manatee Moon combines fantasy with scientific fact. The clock is ticking for these gentle creatures as well as for Lori Sweeney.

And check out the snippet of a 5th grader's book report in the pictures... What a wonderfully perceptive young reader! (You'll have to turn your head-- sorry!)


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