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Frequently Asked Questions


 Marian Tomblin FAQ

Would you mind giving me some details about what your visit will/or could look like? Because teachers have already identified certain needs in their students, I ask them to give me ahead of time a list of points they'd like me to make/ reinforce--the importance of multiple drafts, using their own ideas, where to get ideas, etc. Our goal is for this time to bear fruit.

 Is there a fee? I do not charge a fee, but I do ask $1/mile roundtrip to cover my gas, and appreciate the opportunity to hold a book signing.

 How many students at a time? I am comfortable with entire grade levels in the multipurpose room or media center. Visits with individual classes are fun, too!

 What equipment do you need? A microphone if it's a "regular" school visit. If it is a pre-FSA writes pep talk, then an overhead projector and microphone. 

 How long is the presentation? Once the children are settled, I can keep it under 30 minutes, but can easily fill an hour.

 What is the earliest you could be ready for a presentation? If we're talking time of day, I like the kids to have a few minutes in the classroom first so the teacher can prepare them (remind them of who I am and why they're going to be modifying their routine, the importance of asking good questions.) A well prepared student is an enthusiastic one, and that energy is contagious.

What does a school-based presentation look like? A smiling author with a microphone who shares that it was her 3rd grade teacher at Osceola Elementary who first inspired her... A conversation about the frustration and satisfaction that comes with writing... Question and answer time… Book signing.

Sound like fun? Contact me and we'll compare calendars!