Fun field trip idea! Meet local author Marian Strong Tomblin as she guides your students along Orchard Lane while reading from her book Mystery at Hotel Ormond

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Marla Knowles David I think Austin did that trip! He loved it!
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Ran Henry Very cool ... just the type of quest I'd expect from you, Dear Lucy
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Vince Lampert You're such a cool teacher.
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Kelli Boyer Chehaitli One of my favorites both times around �� She's amazing with the students!!
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Mimi Lowery One of my favorite trips!!
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Holly Thomas Loeb My favorite field trip!!!
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Heidi Ufer Parris Noah loved that field trip!
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Marian Strong Tomblin You're the best, Mrs. L 
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Heidi Ufer Parris He has read both books more then once ��
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Marian Strong Tomblin Heidi Ufer Parris That's so awesome... You just put wind in my sails, Heidi 
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Marian Strong Tomblin
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Marian Strong Tomblin
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