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Great way to start my day... 

Introducing Hidden History, Florida to, well, Florida! 



February (multitude of dates):  "Mystery at Hotel Ormond" the play to be presented by the Holly Hill Middle School Drama Club. All proceeds go to fund their 8th grade trip to Washington, DC!  (If you'd like your students to compare / contrast the novel with the play, email me and we'll make it happen!)




January 23 --Holly Hill School-- Literacy Week chat with middle schoolers 


January 24--RJ Longstreet Elementary--Literacy Week chat with young readers and  aspiring authors. And Port Orange Elementary!

January 25--Bunnell Elementary School-- Literacy Week chat with young readers and aspiring authors. 

January 26--Holly Hill School-- Literacy Week chat with young readers and aspiring authors.

January 27--Longleaf Elementary (Brevard County) --Literacy Week chat with young readers and aspiring authors.  

February 21--Cracker Creek with Horizon Elementary (Fly-in Fox Tales)

February 22-- Tomoka Elementary pre-FSA Writing Pep Talk

                       Ormond Beach Middle School-- Chat with top student authors

February 24-- Pine Trail Elementary-- pre-FSA Writing Pep Talk

February 27-- Osceola Elementary "Sandy's Garden" Walk  and garden talk

March 1-- Edgewater Elementary-- pre-FSA Writing Pep Talk

March 2--Tomoka Elementary school visit (Fly-in Fox Tales) and Read across America!

March 7-- (am) Osceola Elementary "Sandy's Garden"  Walk and garden talk

                (pm) Horizon Elementary Cracker Creek (Fly-in Fox Tales)

March 9-- Cracker Creek with Edgewater Public school (Fly-in Fox Tales)

March 30-- St. Brendan School "Sandy's Garden" Walk and garden talk

April 5 -- Tomoka Elementary Young Authors

April 6-- Cracker Creek with Warner Christian Academy (Fly-in Fox Tales)

April 13-- Cracker Creek with Chisholm Elementary (Fly-in Fox Tales)

April 19-- Mystery Tour with "Great Kids"

April 20-- Mystery Tour with "Great Kids"

April 21-- Cracker Creek with Cypress Creek Elementary

April 24--St. Brendan School (Manatee Moon)

April 24-- Mystery tour with St. Brendan School (The Mystery at Hotel Ormond)

April 27-- Pathways Elementary for pre-FSA-Reading pep talk

May 1-- Cracker Creek with Pine Trail Elementary

May 2--Cracker Creek with Pine Trail Elementary

May 5--Cracker Creek with Longstreet Elementary

May 12-- Osceola Elementary -- Historic Walking tour for The Mystery at Hotel Ormond  

May 16-19 Ormond Beach Elementary School "Sandy's Garden" Walks and talks

October 13 -- Cracker Creek with Champion Elementary (Fly-in Fox Tales)

October 19-20 -- Cracker Creek with Timbercrest Elementary (Fly-in Fox Tales)

November 14 -- Cracker Creek with Holly Hill Elementary (Fly-in Fox Tales)

November 16-- AM Cracker Creek with Sweetwater Elementary

                         PM Hinson Middle School Writers Chat

November 17-- Hinson Middle School (launch Hidden History, FL

November 20-- Cracker Creek with Indian River Elementary School (Fly-in Fox Tales)

December 4 -- Hinson Middle School (Hidden History, Fl)

December 6 -- Cracker Creek with Pathways Elementary (Fly-in Fox Tales) 


  What we lack in talent, we make up for with enthusiasm... Decorating my 1920s-themed topiary for the Casements Guild's Christmas Gala at John D. Rockefeller's home!


December 16--Tomoka Elementary-- Historic walking tour for The Mystery at Hotel Ormond 

November 21-- Indian River Elementary at Cracker Creek Fly-in Fox Tales  

November 17-- South Daytona Elementary (2) at Cracker Creek Fly-in Fox Tales 

November 16--Belle Terre Elementary --Josh Crews Writing Camp Project kickoff! 

November 15-- South Daytona Elementary (1) at Cracker Creek Fly-in Fox Tales 

 October 28-29-- Florida Council for the Social Studies Convention 

October 21-22 -- Florida Reads Convention 

Happy new (school) year to me! Sooo excited to be part of this wonderful program! 

(Rescheduled for November 16 due to Hurricane Matthew)

May 20-- Historic Ormond walking tour with Osceola Elementary (The Mystery at Hotel Ormond)  

May 19-- Historic Ormond walking tour with Pine Trail Elementary (Group 3)

May 18-- Historic Ormond walking tour with Pine Trail Elementary (Group 2)May 17-- Historic Ormond walking tour with Pine Trail Elementary (Group 1) 

May 16-- Cracker Creek with Cypress Creek Elementary (Fly-In Fox Tales)

May 13-- Cracker Creek with Longstreet Elementary 

May 11-- Historic Ormond walking tour with Cypress Creek Elementary (Group 2)

May 10 -- Historic Ormond walking tour with Cypress Creek Elementary (Group 1) 

May 9-- Cracker Creek with Cypress Creek Elementary

May 5-- Emmons Cottage with OBE 

May 4--Emmons Cottage with OBE 

May 3-- Tomoka Elementary speaker-- Young Authors 

--Cracker Creek with South Daytona Elementary 


 In case you were wondering, foxes actually CAN climb trees!

(Chapter 12--Fly-in Fox Tales)











April 29-- Manatee Moon visit to Timucua burial mound with St. Brendan school 

      Mystery tour with Riverbend Academy

April 28-- Cracker Creek with Spruce Creek Elementary (group 2)

Love, love, love my new tote from Scholastic. It has the cover artwork from every single one of their Kids are Authors winning titles (and matches Hank's collar!) I should be thanking THEM for allowing me to be part of that amazing competition over the years!

  April 26-- Cracker Creek with Spruce Creek Elementary (group 1) 

April 22-- Historic Ormond walking tour with St. Brendan School 

April 15-- Emmons Cottage with Osceola Elementary  

April 14-- Cracker Creek with Chisholm Elementary

  April 13--Emmons Cottage with Osceola Elementary

Who says exercise can't be fun??? I pedaled my bike over the bridge to meet a young reader and her mom who had driven in from South Daytona to see the locations that inspired Manatee Moon. I feel great all over!

April 12--Emmons Cottage with Osceola Elementary 

April 11--Emmons Cottage with Osceola Elementary

April 9-- Scholastic, Inc. "Kids are Authors" judging 

 March 18-- Cracker Creek with Warner Christian Academy

March 17-- Emmons Cottage with St. Brendan Catholic School

March 16--Emmons Cottage with Osceola Elementary

March 7 -- Cracker Creek with South Daytona Elementary

March 3 -- Writing pep-talk at Pathways Elementary 

March 2-- Reading with Seuss at Tomoka Elementary 

February 12-- Cracker Creek with Edgewater Public School 

January 29-- Sweetwater Elementary, Literacy Week presentation 

History Con! Saturday, January 23. The Museum of Arts and Sciences, Daytona Beach

I'll be there previewing my latest project, Hidden History, Florida -- a Multimedia Adventure through Florida's History. Teachers and students (with ID) get in free! 



From Facebook: FRIDAY FUN IN SCHOOL SHARE: I went on a field trip yesterday with my son and his 2nd grade classmates from Sweetwater Elementary to Cracker Creek, right here in Port Orange. We all learned so much about the area we are lucky enough to call home. The staff at Cracker Creek taught them about the creek critters, we took a ride on the Eco-Pontoon Boat and took an Upland Tram/Tractor Tour...the highlight was meeting the author Marian Strong Tomblin who wrote the book, "Fly-In Fox Tales" that they read as a class. (My son now owns a signed copy.) 

smile emoticon She explained what it was to be an author and some of the process she went through with writing the book. Ms. Tomblin's book is set in the neighborhood Spruce Creek Fly-In and was originally published by the NIE (Newspapers in Education) division of the Daytona Beach News Journal. She also wrote, "The Mystery at Hotel Ormond"..."Where's Capone's Cash?" and "Manatee Moon"...each selected for community-wide literacy campaigns. I highly recommend this as a must do! 

December 4 Chisholm Elementary at Cracker Creek 

With the Robinson girls (and a mysterious finger) at the Florida Virtual School picnic. Love 'em! 

 November 23 Indian River Elementary at Cracker Creek 

November 12 Sweetwater Elementary at Cracker Creek 

November 5 Sweetwater Elementary at Cracker Creek


 June-August in the recording studio working on the audiobook presentation of Hidden History, Florida 

May 21 Pathways Elementary historic walking tour 

May 7 Riverbend Academy historic walking tour

May 2  Cracker Creek field trip (and picnic!) with Volusia Virtual School 

May 1 Cracker Creek field trip with Warner Christian Academy 

April 30 Tomoka Elementary historic walking tour

April 11 "Kids are Authors" level four judging--Scholastic, Inc., Lake Mary, Florida 

March 31 St. Brendan School historic walking tour 

March 19 Spruce Creek Elementary 5th grade classroom visit. 

February 19 Cracker Creek field trip with Spruce Creek Elementary 

February 18 Cracker Creek field trip with Spruce Creek Elementary


 Visiting with young readers from Cypress Creek Elementary at Cracker Creek (Fly-In Fox Tales)


A glimpse from our "Walking Tour" with Tomoka Elementary


Thanks, Mrs. Lorden, for the great action pic! 


 A beautifully blustery day for a picnic after our Mystery at Hotel Ormond walking tour!


 Here's a pic from a recent event Mystery at Hotel Ormond event at Cypress Creek Elementary. Fun! Fun! 



So far, so busy :-)

The Casements is so beautiful at Christmas! One of my favorite times to take kids on the "Mystery" tour. 


Too many events to list--I am truly blessed!


 More of the same wonderful fun!


January 12  Pelican Bay Woman’s Club—speaker

January 17  “Super Saturday” at the Bookstore Café

January 24  Orange City Manatee Festival

January 27   Hinson Middle School—SS Fair judge

January 29   Hinson Middle School—SS Fair presenter

February 5   Port Orange Elementary School—Literacy Night

February 10   Brevard Library Reading Festival—guest speaker

February 14   Christ Presbyterian Church—guest speaker

February 24  Presented “Volunteer of the Year” award by Ormond Beach Historical Society

March 18   Ormond Beach Police Department –guest speaker

March 23   Daughters of the American Revolution—guest speaker

March 29   Tomoka Christian Church—guest speaker

April 4   Scholastic Book Fairs— “Kids are Authors” judge

April 14   Pine Trail Elementary --Young Authors speaker

April 21   Tomoka Elementary—Young Authors speaker

April 29 Esformes Hebrew School—guest speaker

                Hurst Elementary—guest speaker

May 4   Ormond Beach Friends of the Library—guest speaker

May 8   Port Orange Elementary—historical walking tour

May 11   Osceola Elementary School—historical walking tour

May 14   Ormond Beach Genealogical Society—guest speaker

May 21    Pine Trail Elementary—school visit

May 22   Discovery Elementary—Young authors speaker

June 3   Osceola Elementary—guest speaker

July 14  Ormond Beach Public Library—guest speaker

August 18  Christian Woman’s Club—guest speaker

August 29   Charlie Carlson’s “Weird Florida” at the Bookstore Café

September 4   Volusia County Principals’ Breakfast—guest speaker

September 4  United Methodist Women—Speaker

September 9  Trolley tour—Tomoka Elementary

September 25  Trolley Tour—Tomoka  Elementary

September 27  Delta Kappa Gamma—Speaker

September 30   Good Samaritan ALF—guest speaker

October 14  GE Wives Group—Speaker

October 15   Hunter’s Ridge Woman’s Club—guest speaker

October 16  VC Genealogical Society—Speaker

October 22  Cypress Creek Elementary—School visit


October 29-31   “Mystery at Hotel Ormond” (play) Atlantic High School

November 7  United Methodist Women—Speaker

November 18-20   “Mystery at Hotel Ormond” (play) DeLand High School

December 4  Pine Trail Elementary—Historical walking tour

December 16  Spruce Creek Elementary—School visit


January 11, 2008 Speaker--Ormond Beach Woman's Club
January 15, 17, 22, 24 --School Trolley Tours -- Pathways Elem.
January 16 Speaker, AARP
January 19 Speaker--AAUW
February 15 Speaker--Palmetto Club
March 5 Speaker--Ormond Beach Garden Club
March 15 Speaker --AAUW
March 18 Speaker-- “Historic Churches”—Sterling House
March 25 Class visit—“Manatee Moon”—Pathways Elem.
March 27 School visit—Spruce Creek Elem.
March 28 - April 4 “School’s Out” Camps at The Book Store
April 16 Literacy Fair speaker – Campbell Middle
April 19 Mainland High Reunion Speaker at The Book Store
April 21 Trolley Tour—Cypress Creek Elem.
April 22 “Young Authors” speaker – Pine Trail Elem.
April 25 Trolley Tour—Cypress Creek Elem.
April 26 Seabreeze High Centennial celebration
April 28 Bus Tour of Historic Sites—Spruce Creek Elementary
April 29 Walking Tour of Historic Sites—Tomoka Elementary
May 1 Bus Tour of Historic Sites—Spruce Creek Elementary
May 2 “Young Authors” speaker—Pathways Elementary
May 5 Bus Tour of Historic Sites—Spruce Creek Elementary
May 6 Trolley Tour—Cypress Creek Elem.
May 7 Trolley Tour—Cypress Creek Elem.
May 16 Trolley Tour—Cypress Creek Elem.
May 21 “Young Authors” speaker—Longstreet Elementary
May 30 Trolley Tour—St. James Elementary
June 19 “Endangered” Book Club at City Island Library
June 23-27 “Junior Authors” workshop at The Book Store
June 26 “Endangered” Book Club at City Island Library
July 7-11 “Junior Publisher’s” workshop at The Book Store
July 19 “Endangered” Book Club at City Island Library
July 21-25 “Junior Authors” workshop at The Book Store
July 28-August 1 “Junior Publisher’s” workshop at The Book Store

January 16 Speaker, AARP
January 17 Speaker, Rotary
January 17 Speaker, Pilot Club
January 20 OBHT Trolley Tour 
January 27-28 Exhibitor, Blue Spring Manatee Festival
February 3 Presenter, Water Education Festival / Jacksonville 
February 7 Speaker, Rotary
February 9 Saint James School- Book Fair
February 12 Speaker, Women in Construction 
February 15 History contest judge, St. Brendan School
February 16 Speaker, Palmetto Club 
February 20 DAR trolley tour, Ormond Beach Historical Trust
February 21 Speaker, Rotary
February 27 Speaker, Golden Girls3/8 School Visit, Bunnell Elementary 
March 14 School visit, Pine Trail Elementary;
Speaker, (RTIF) Retired Teachers in Florida
March 15 School visit, Pine Trail Elementary
March 21 Speaker, Flagler Rotary
March 26 Speaker, DB Rotary
March 29 Walking Tour, NSB High 
April 12 School visit, Pine Trail
April 13 Young Authors Celebration, Pathways; 
          Young Authors Celebration, Hurst Elementary
April 18 School visit, Longstreet Elementary
April 19 Speaker, Rotary 
April 27 School Trolley Tour (am);Speaker, Edgewater Public School Family Night (pm) 
April 27 School Trolley Tour, Ormond Beach Historical Trust
May 5 Speaker -- Dickerson Library Fundraiser
May 7 OBHT Trolley Tour--St. James School Ormond Beach Historical Trust
May 8 School Visit-- St. Vincent School, Orlando
May 9 Speaker -- Smyrna Yacht Club
May 18 Young Authors -- Pine Trail   
May 21 Young Authors-- Longstreet Elementary
May 25 OBHT Trolley Tour -- St. James School
June 4-8 Junior Authors Workshop-- The Book Store 
June 30 Authors River Cruise
August 6-10 Sidewalk Poetry Camp -- The Book Store 
August 31 OBHT Trolley Tour Ormond Beach Historical Trust
September 10 Speaker-- Daytona Beach Junior League
September 11, 13, 18, 20, 25, 27 School Trolley Tour
September 14 School Visit -- Cypress Elementary
September 22-- YMCA dinner "Dunecrest"
September 26 Speaker--Volusia County Reading Council, The Book Store (w/link, please)
September 29 Speaker-- Alpha Gamma Delta 
October 2 School Trolley Tour (am)
               Speaker-- The Book Store 
October 10 Speaker-- Volusia County Reading Council, The Muse Book Store
November 1 Speaker-- DAR, NSB Library
November 13 Speaker--AARP Ormond Beach
November 14 Speaker--Friends of the City Island Library, DB
November 15 Speaker--Alpha Delta Kappa
November 29 -- School Visit, Neptune Beach Elementary, Jax

December 1 --Speaking Engagement, "Using God's Gifts," The Merry Widows, Ormond Beach
December 11, 13, 18-- School Trolley Tours -- Pathways Elem.
December 12-- School Visit-- OBMS
December 15--"Fly-In Fox Tales" Finale at the Book Store and       So  Much More! 


January 14-15 -"Riverfest," NSB

January 19-21 -Mystery at Hotel Ormond - The play at Seabreeze High

January 22 -Cast party for Mystery at Hotel Ormond (with Ormond Beach 
Historical Trust)
January 28-29 -Manatee Festival, Blue Spring
February 6 -Class visit, Tomoka Elementary
February 18 -Putnam County "Riverfest", Palataka
February 25 -Trolley Tour, Ormond Beach Historical Trust
March 4 -Lake Helen Local Author Book Fair
March 13 -Tomoka Elementary class visit 
March 14 -(morning) Class visit, Spruce Creek Elementary
March 14 -Lecture at Prince of Peace Catholic Church, 8pm 
March 15 -WCOR speaker, The Plaza 
March 16 -Longstreet Elementary Young Author's Celebration 
April 1 C.A.R. Conference, Orlando 
April 6 -Volusia Anthropological Society, 7pm
April 8 -Beachside Book Bash II
April 13 -Guest appearance on the Marc Bernier show
April 18 -Pine Trail Elementary, Young Author's Tea, 12:30pm 
April 18 -Deltona Middle School, 6 - 7:30pm
April 21 -Holly Hill Middle School 
April 24 -Speaker, DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution)
May 4 -Career Day, Woodward Avenue Elementary, DeLand 
May 5 -Tomoka Elementary walking tour
May 10 -Blue Lake Elementary, DeLand, Young Author's Tea
May 12 -Pine Trail Elementary, Ormond, Classroom Visits 
May 13 -Living History event, Tomoka State Park 
May 17 -Friendship Elementary, Deland, Young Author's Tea 
May 18-20 -NPS conference, Shores Resort & Spa
June 21 -Children's Program, Ormond Beach Public Library
June 23 -Children's Program, Ormond Beach Public Library
June 28 -Children's Walking Tour 
July 3-7 -"So you want to write a book!" camp. Museum of Arts 
and Sciences, Daytona
July 17-21 -"So You Want to Write a Book" (2nd session). Museum of Arts 
and Sciences
August 23 -Manatee Cove Elementary class visit 
August 24 -Speaker, Kiwanis Club luncheon
August 26-27 -Children's Expo, Daytona Beach Ocean Center (come make 
a manatee with me!) 
September 9 -OBHT Trolley Tour
September 28 -Classroom visit Spruce Creek Elementary
October 7-8 -Port Orange Family Days - 100% of the proceeds from the special edition of The Mystery at Hotel Ormond will be donated to Take Stock in Children.
October 10, 12, 17, 19, 24, 26 and 31 -Special 4th grade Trolley Tours (OBHT and Tomoka Elementary School) 
October 15 -OBHT Trolley Tour
October 28 -"Manatee Moon Morning" The Manatee Center
November 14 -Class visit, Pine Trail Elementary
November 15 -School visit, Ormond Beach Middle School
November 16 -Class visit, Osceola Elementary and Holly Hill Elementary
November 18 -OBHT Trolley Tour
November 21 -Speaker, Rotary
November 27 -School visit, Hurst Elementary
November 28 -Class visit, Tomoka Elementary
November 29 -School visit, Holly Hill Middle School
November 30 -Presenter, Mini-Science Workshop / Volusia County Schools
December 4 -Class visit, S. Daytona Elementary
December 5 -Special Trolley Tour for 2nd graders
December 9 -Special "Endangered" cast party! E-mail Marian for more info!
December 9 -Grand Marshall, City of Ormond Beach Christmas Parade
December 10 -OBHT Trolley Tour
December 11 -Class visit, SW Middle School, DeLand
December 14 -Speaker, West Daytona Rotary Club

March 18 -Class visit, Tomoka Elementary School, Ormond Beach, FL
April 7 -Volusia Anthropological Society, Halifax Historical Museum, 
Daytona Beach, FL 
April 9 -Beachside Book Bash, the Casements, Ormond Beach, FL 
April 25-26 -Classroom visit, Ormond Beach Middle School
April 30 and May 1 -Art in the Park, Ormond Beach, FL
May 5 -Young Author's Tea, Friendship Elementary School, Deltona, FL
May 10 -Classroom visit, Holly Hill Elementary
May 11 -Classroom visit, Ormond Beach Elementary
May 12 -Young Author's Conference, Port Orange Elementary, P.O., FL 
May 17 -Classroom visit, Pathways Elementary
May 19 -Classroom visit, Hurst Elementary
May 25 -Lecture, Aberdeen Adult Community, 9:30am
May 28 -"Local Legends and Lore" lecture OBHT, 9:30am
June 14 -Where's Capone's Cash? Summer Reading kick-off, 
Ormond Beach Library, 3:30pm
July 4 -Book signing, Ormond Bridge, 6pm
July 18-22 -"Create your own Book!" The Casements
August 25 -Ormond Beach Memory Catchers meeting
August 27-28 -Children's Expo, Ocean Center
September 10 -DAR meeting, City Island
September 20 -Tri Delta Sorority Alumnae Meeting
September 29 -David Hinson Middle School Literary Night
October 1 -"Save the Loop" Trolley Tour
October 7 -"Adventures in Journaling" class, the Casements
October 11 -"Local Legends and Lore" lecture, MOAS, 2pm
October 11 -Museum of Arts and Sciences, Daytona Beach
October 15 -Florida Council for the Social Studies, Speaker, 8am, 
Plaza Hotel, Daytona Beach 
October 20 -Hunter's Ridge Ladies Group
November 3 -"Self Publishing Affordably & Successfully" class, the Casements
November 11 -"Adventures in Journaling" class, the Casements
December 16 -"Adventures in Journaling" class, the Casements

January - The Mystery at Hotel Ormond selected for One Book, 
One Community~Ormond Beach
June - Nat Chat Live, WELE 1308 AM radio appearance
November - My Favorite Place to Read art contest winners
November - Where's Capone's Cash? writing contest winners

November - The Mystery at Hotel Ormond book signing

Special Events

Look like fun??? Contact me! We can do this for your students, too!


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